More Details About King of Baila

Desmond Anaclitus Rajiva de Silva launched his music career in 1963 or 1964, as lead vocalist of FIREFLIES band led by Milroy de Silva with Darrell de Silva, Anton de Mel, Anton de Zilwa, Basil Paiva, and others. His music was widely featured on Radio Ceylon and later on the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, the oldest radio station in South Asia. Desmond has also performed with leading Sri Lankan pop groups – “Spitfires,” “Gabo and the Breakaways,” and the “Jetliners.” He sang a song titled ‘Oba Nisa’ with Mignonne Fernando and the Jetliners – it was hailed as a musical masterpiece at an international song festival. In 1976 he formed his own band, “Desmond and the Clan”, which performed in various countries in Southeast Asia.





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